PAC (Parent Group)

The purpose of the Parent Organization at Congress School and Wenzel School is to provide a partnership between families and schools that will benefit the education of our children. In many cases, parents volunteer to offer assistance with activities at the school to benefit the programs and activities. The CPO volunteers coordinate activities that help raise funds for many projects that benefit our students. They also give valuable input regarding state and local initiatives and the school improvement process.

The meetings for Congress and Wenzel are combined parent meetings to increase participation and collaboration of activities. This year, volunteer teachers will be attending to give valuable information on strategies and resources to help students. All parents from Congress and Wenzel Schools are invited to attend at both schools. See the tab under news on this website and the building calendar for schedule of days.

Childcare is scheduled in the gym and a translator is hired as well. We hope you can join us.



Nick Herblet and

The PAC Officers of

Congress and Wenzel